Merinotex-best merino wool manufacturer.

             Merino wool manufacturers.

MERINOTEX is a professional merino wool manufacturer in China. MERINOTEX mainly make merino wool yarn,merino wool fabric, merino wool socks, merino shoes, and merino wool clothing such as merino base layer, merino wool thermals, merino underwear and etc. Besides the light weight merino wool clothing, MERINOTEX also makes  merino wool sweaters and merino wool blankets as well. MERINOTEX has been a merino wool manufacturer for over 15 years who are fully engaged in the merino wool manufacturer industry. As one of the professional merino wool suppliers in the world, MERINOTEX has its own R&D team and workshop facility with big production capacity for merino wool fabric orders or merino clothing orders. If you need to find a reliable merino wool supplier who supplys a whole collection of merino wool yarn, merino wool fabric, merino wool socks, and merino wool thermals,Just contact MERINOTEX for a long term merino woo supplier parntership.

merino wool manufacturers

merino wool


       Merino wool yarn.

As one of the professional merino wool manufacturers, MERINOTEX makes all kinds of merino wool yarn in various wool content and specs.90nm/2, 80nm/2, 70nm/2, 60nm/2, 60nm/1, 40nm/1, 72nm/2, 48nm/2, 32nm/2, 28nm/2 and etc. The merino wool spin yarn methods include knitting wool yarn and woven wool yarn both. Except the 100% merino wool yarn, the merino wool manufacturer also make merino blend yarns such as merino tencel yarn, merino spandex yarn,merino lycra yarn and merino polyester yarn as well.  All the merino woo yarn is processed for super wash function so that the merino wool clothing could be good for super wash as well. As a professional merino wool factory, Merinotex provides merino wool yarns in hundreds of color ways.

merino wool yarn supplier

merino wool yarn

Merinotex has a professional merino wool yarn spun workshop which could could guarrantee the big capacity of the merino wool yarn productions. Worsted or semi-worsted spinning machine are all available with Merinotex.

merino wool factory

merino wool factory


          Merino wool fabrics.

As one of the professional merino wool fabric manufacturers, Merinotex makes all kinds merino fabrics such as merino wool jersey fabric, merino interlock, merino rib fabric and other merino knit fabrics. Besides 100% pure merino wool fabrics, the merino wool supplier also provides merino tencel, acrylic merino, polyester merino,bamboo merino and etc content proportions. The merino wool fabric supplier has a wide stock collections for various merino wool fabric qualites. If you need buy merino wool fabric for wholesale or merino wool by the yard, just contact Merinotex.

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pink merino wool fabric

 To make different merino wool fabric qualites, Merinotex has all sets of knitting machines which could make wool jersey fabric, wool rib fabric, wool interlock and wool terry fabrics in different weights.

merino wool knits

merino wool knits


          Merino wool socks.

MERINOTEX makes the merino wool socks yarn and merino wool socks as well. Any quality of merino wool socks yarn could be custom made with this merino wool manufacturer factory. And this merino wool manufacturer could also make  the bulk merino wool socks orders for you in big production in quick delivery time. Merinotex makes merino wool socks in various quality such as merino wool hiking socks, merino wool ski socks, merino wool running socks, merino hunting socks and etc. Merinotex is one of the most experienced merino wool sock manufacturers in China.

merino wool socks

Merinotex has a big capacity merino wool sock workshop which could guarrantee the wool socks production speed and the delivery time.

wool sock manufacturers

wool socks factory

              Merino wool shoes.

MERINOTEX also makes the merino wool shoes which is super for outdoor sports. The merino shoes quality is similar to Allbirds shoes which natural and sustainable. As one of the new merino wool manufacturers who deal with merino shoes, merino is keep developping new merino wool fabric materials for merino shoes. Shoes brands could custom make the merino shoes with the merino wool manufacturers.

merino shoes

            Merino wool base layer and merino wool thermals.

As one of the professional merino wool manufacturers for merino wool thermals, Merinotex makes a lot of merino wool clothing like merino wool base layer, merino wool middle layer, merino wool hunting clothing, Merino t-shirt,merino wool thermals, and merino underwears.

merino wool base layer manufacturers

merino wool base layer

Merinotex imported the high-tech specialty equipment such as 4-needle 6-seam machines and 3-needle5-seam sewing machines. Merinotex is capable of manufacturing a variety of merino sportwear and merino wool underwear. However, they are more than just a merino wool base layer manufacturer. This merino wool clothing manufacturer designs merino wool clothings and export all the products to USA, Canada,Australia, Japan, Europe and South East Asian countries.

merino wool base layer manufacturer

merino wool base layers

Merinotex has already established its global presence in the international market thanks to the efficient production management, outstanding product quality and excellent business ethics and reputation. To ensure continuous expansion from the existing market position,This merino wool factory has been committed to adopt innovative technology, advanced plant & equipmentas well as more sustainable management strategies.

merino wool clothing manufacturers

merino wool clothing factory

AS one of the best merino wool sweater manufacturers in China, MERINOTEX has a professional R&D department and production working teams. MERINOTEX could custom make the merino wool knitwears for many brands over the world.wool sweater manufacturers

Besides the above merino wool fabric,merino socks, merino shoes,merino wool clothing, MERINOTEX also makes and supplies the merino wool blankets for the world home textile market. 100% merino wool blankets, wool blend blankets,cashmere blankets and etc. As one of the prefessional merino wool suppliers, Merinotex makes and supplies knitted wool blankets and woven wool blankets both.

wool blanket manufacturers

Customer could know more about us from the below working process of Merinotex. Our company and factory is located in Zhangjiagang City Suzhou, which is only 2 hours drive from Shanghai Airport. Merinotex is looking at a long term partnership with clients all over the world who are interest in merino wool textiles.

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