5 reason for Merinotex being one of the professional boiled wool fabric suppliers.

Merinotex has become one of  the most professional boiled wool suppliers in the worlds who makes all kinds of  boiled wool fabrics or wool boiled wool fabrics. How come does they grown into such big boiled wool fabric suppliers? After an interview with Merinotex, we figured out that there is 5 reasons on how they come one of the most professional boiled wool manufacturers.

boiled wool fabrics

boiled wool fabrics

1,Best wool material has been used by Merinotex.

Merinotex has a strict boiled wool material requirement standard on the raw boiled merino wool material. All the boiled wool materials are imported from Autralia or New zealand farms which is famous for merino sheeps. The raw boiled merino wool  material fiber starts from 14 micron to 28 micron. The boiled wool suppliers use different fineness merino wool fiber to make different weight boiled wool fabrics. And different boiled wool material fineness get different boiled wool hand feeling. As one of the qualified boiled wool fabric manufacturers, Merinotex strictly use Woolmark certified boiled merino wool fibers to make wool boiled fabrics. All the organic boiled wool fabrics that made by Merinotex is sustainable and ecological which is of help to the earth.

boiled wool material

boiled wool material

2, Best wool boiled Technoligy, equipment and facility.

As one of the experienced boiled wool fabric manufacturers, Merinotex has the most advanced wool boiled machines and equipments. Beside the advanced wool boiled machine facilities, Merinotex also has a experienced wool boiled technology engineers team and workers team. All the wool boiled engineers or workers have much experience in making boiled wool fabrics. Some of them works with wool boiled job over 20 years. They are good at making boiled wool fabrics no matter color dye or fabric knitting or wool boiled process. They love making boiled merino wool fabrics.

fabric washing machine

boiled wool machine

Merinotex also has a lot of professinal knitting machines which exclusively making boiled merino wool fabrics. The boiled wool knitting fabric are made by such machines by big quantity per day. The boiled wool fabric manufacturers adjust the fabric density by changing the needle’s distance between each other.

 wool knitting factory

boiled wool knitting machine

Besides the wool boiled machines, Merinotex also has a lot of advanced yarn spinning machine to make wool spinning yarns.Merinotex could make woolen yarns and worsted yarns both. Good quality wool yarn is key important to the success of knitting machines to make high quality blank wool fabrics before wool boiled process. According to different fabric spec requirements, Merinotex spins different spec wool yarns for boiled wool purpose.

merino wool yarn

merino wool yarn

3, Various boiled wool fabrics qualites.

As an experienced boiled wool fabric supplers, Merinotex makes different quality wool boiled fabrics such as 100 boiled wool fabrics,boiled wool viscose fabric and other boiled wool blend fabrics. Merinotex has a group of boiled wool fabrics colors such as camel boiled wool,black boiled wool, white boiled and etc. Merinotex also is good at making boiled wool fabrics of different weight. Light weight boiled wool fabrics and thick boiled wool are both available with this boiled wool supplier. As an professional boiled merino wool supplier, Merino also developped various of patterned boiled wool  and textured boiled wool as per customers’s request.

boiled wool manufacturers

boiled wool fabric colors

4, Merinotex provides boiled wool fabric retail and wholesale service.

As a profession boiled wool supplier, Merinotex provides boiled wool wholesale and retail service. Client could buy boiled wool fabric by the yard from them. Merinotex provide international postage service even you buy the boiled wool by the yard with them. Just tell them which color and which quality boiled wool you need, they will ship you the boiled wool yardage soonest after your order placed. You will get green boiled wool fabrics or pink boiled wool fabrics as you want. Besides the boiled wool fabric wholesale service, Merinotex also do boiled wool fabric wholesale service. If you do boiled wool wholesale business,  just call Merinotex to get a boiled wool catalogues of different colors and qualities to choose the qualities you like. You can touch the boiled wool sample qualities from them and choose your favorite boiled wool material quality fabrics.

wool boiled

wool boiled fabric

5.Merinotex provide boiled wool coating making service.

Being one of large scaled boiled wool fabric manufacturers, Merinotex also provide boiled wool coating making service. If client need boiled wool coating help, just let Merinotex help you.  Merinotex has a boiled wool coating manufacture workshop which makes all kind of boiled wool coating clothings. Merinotex has helped a lot of the clothing customers in making their boiled merino wool clothing.  baby clothing or kids clothing made of boiled merino wool is a big project for Merinotex’s boiled wool coating manufacture workshop. They are good at making such wool boiled garments with different boiled wool fabric qualities such as boiled wool jersey, boiled wool fleece and other boiled wool fabrics.

boiled wool coating

boiled wool coating

For the above 5 reasons, Merinotex has grown into one of the professional boiled wool suppliers and manufacturers. And Merinotex is willing to supply and manufacture any kind of boiled wool fabrics to clients all over the world.