Why is wool blankets now popular?

Wool blankets are blankets made of wool or wool combined with synthetic fibers. Wool blankets are now an increasingly popular product in the home textile market. This blanket comes in many patterns, and you can choose what you feel will suit your home style. For use, a wool blanket is a type of blanket that is warm but soft. Manufacturers of wool blankets are now increasing in line with the increasing demand for wool blankets. Merinotex is a wool blankets manufacturer that is one of the professional wool blanket manufacturers. Merinotex also accepts custom wool blanket orders according to consumer orders and also get a request from wholesalers. There are many types of wool blankets on the market today, and one of the most interesting ones is the merino wool blanket. Different types of wool, then different characteristics. So, what makes merino wool blankets are popular nowadays? Here are the advantages of merino wool.
1. Suitable in a variety of weather
Many people assume wool will feel hot when worn, although not all types of wool are like that. Merino wool can fit in a variety of weather. Merino wool can still warm the body during cold weather, and keep the temperature from rising during hot weather.
3. Elastic
Merino wool has strands of curly yarn so that clothes made from merino wool can be more elastic. Therefore, you do not need to worry that the shape and size of the blanket/clothes from merino wool will change after repeated washing. Merino wool fiber can keep clothes in shape even up to 2,000 times of use.
4. Not easy to get dirty
Merino wool has an extra layer on its surface. That causes the stain does not easily stick to this material. This layer of merino wool prevents stains from sticking to the wool surface.
5. Easy to clean
Merino wool is one type of material that is very easy to clean. You can wash it with a washing machine or wash your hands, no need to use unique methods.

woolen blanket suppliers

woolen blanket manufacturers



As one of the professional woolen blanket manufacturers, Merinotex always controls the quality of its products to meet customer satisfaction. Not only for direct customers, but Merinotex also accepts orders from wool blankets suppliers or wool blanket wholesale. Don’t be surprised if the sellers will suggest a wool blanket to you because they are of high quality. What are the advantages of wool blankets that are the favorite products of wool blanket suppliers?
1. Absorb sweat
Each strand of merino wool has a better capacity to absorb sweat and moisture on the skin than other types. Therefore, wool will not make the skin feel itchy when worn when the air is hot. Its strength even exceeds other materials such as cotton and silk.
2. The color is durable
Merino wool is a type of material that can lock colors. Other ingredients will usually change color when washed several times. But, this is not the case with merino wool, you can wash your blanket or clothes multiple times without fear of fading colors.
3. Resistant to dust
The nature of merino wool that absorbs sweat prevents the presence of static electricity that can attract objects such as dust. That is the reason why this material made from merino fur is more resistant to dust than other materials.
4. Not easily damaged by fire
Merino wool is a strong fiber. It doesn’t burn easily like other fibers. This type of wool has less oxygen when compared to other materials. According to research, merino wool has an oxygen limit index above 20 when other materials such as rayon and cotton are below 20.
5. Warm and breathability
The warm and breathing nature of merino wool makes merino wool blankets very suitable for people with rheumatoid and arthritis. Merino wool has elasticity properties, and the surface of the fur is soft, so it does not cause pressure on the skin. Wool fiber has a gap that can absorb and relieve sweat and oil released by human skin, so it does not cause allergies.

wool blankets suppliers

wool blanket suppliers

Merino wool blanket is the best.

There are many types of wool on the market today. You will find many models with different qualities. A blanket made from 100% merino wool, 50% wool, or even with a lower percentage of wool fiber than synthetic fibers. Merino wool blanket is the product that has the most demand. The quality of merino wool makes it popular, regardless of price. Merino wool blankets have dense, thick, and soft yarns. The blanket is also not easy to get dirty and damaged. You can wash your wool blanket many times, and there will be no significant damage. Merino wool has fiber that can breathe and can easily absorb sweat, so it doesn’t cause allergies to the skin. Merinotex is a wool blanket manufacturers that makes its products carefully and following applicable standards. You no longer need to worry about getting a low-quality wool blanket instead of the best. Merinotex also serves manufacturing according to the customer order. Where else can you find wool blankets with various advantages summarized in one sheet?

wool blankets wholesale

wool blanket wholesale


Wool blanket manufacturers.

Finally, how do you order wool blankets at wool blanket manufacturers? First, you must know the wool blanket manufacturer or wool blanket supplier. If you want to form a partnership with the factory or supplier, you need to learn more about the factory and supplier you will choose. You can send an email or call to ask about their products. Then you can ask them to make a letter of offer. From here, you can then find out clearly about the raw materials, the processing period, production costs, packaging costs until the goods are ready to be sent. If you want to make wool blankets with your design, you must clearly while describing the blanket that you want. Or, it’s easier if you have the sample blanket you want. Merinotex is a professional wool blanket factory, so you don’t need to doubt their work. If you are going to choose a factory or supplier, make sure you pick the best, so you can get the best wool blanket!

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custom wool blanket

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