22Jul 2020
cashmere fabric suppliers

Professional cashmere fabric suppliers Merinotex is among China’s best cashmere fabric suppliers making cashmere material, cashmere yarn and cashmere fabric. Merinotex could also deliver 100 per cent cashmere and cashmere wool blend fabric. They can produce content from Cashmere, yarn from Cashmere, and material from Cashmere. Merinotex has a structure for the cashmere suit, fabric […]

21Jul 2020
merino wool fabric suppliers

Merino wool fabric suppliers with long history. Merinotex is one of the largest merino wool fabric suppliers in China that provides all types of merino cloth. Merinotex has been working in the merino wool industry for over 20 years.They have a long history in working in the merino wool business. With over 2o years working […]

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