Merino wool fabric suppliers.

Merinotex is one of the largest merino wool fabric suppliers in China that provides all types of merino cloth. Merino fabric is produced from 17.5 microns to 18.5-micron wool fiber. Merino fiber is extremely fine smooth to the skin. Australia is known for its merino wool. Merino wool costs are high due to its high cost material reason. Merinotex also makes the nylon merino blended, acrylic merino blend and other merino blend fabrics as per customer demand.

merino wool fabric suppliers

merino wool fabric supplier-1

Merino wool’s advantages.

Merino wool single jersey fabric is the light weight and most relaxed sort of natural material. The merino wool fabric’s advantages are as below.

Merino wool fabrics insulative properties and moisture control

• The merino fabric is breathable and people like the breathable skin feeing.

• The merino fabric could leak the humid of skin out easily.

• The heat humid could be removed quickly, and the person who wears the clothing feels dry always.

merino fabric supplier

merino fabric suppliers

Natural heating and refrigeration.

• In hot weather, the sheep’s wool makes it cool, holds it hot in cold weather as well.

Merino wool operates in two aspects:

• It keeps cool at a high temperature during hot weather and keeps hot in winter conditions.

• The wool will keep people fresh and dry both.


Merino wool’s resistance to odour

The wool has shown to have controlled the humidity by storing it and then extracting it. The odor-causing microbes don’t live far, so even when you’re wearing wool in warm temperatures, it’s going to be in there.


Natural defence from sunlight

One thing for sure and the sun is not going on something that has wool. It ensures that people wearing wool clothing shielded from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. And get the the wearer become less inclined to get sunburned compared with people using other materials.

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merino wool manufacturer

Merino wool fabric manufacturers.

Merinotex is one of the best qualified merino wool fabric manufacturers in China. And they have their own merino fabric factory and workshop. They import the original merino wool fiber material from Austrlia which is the best merino wool orgin in the world.

merino wool manufacturers

merino wool manufacturers

Australia is famous for its merino wool fiber in the world. The merino fabric manufacturers from China almost take 50% market share for Australia merino wool. China is the biggest market for them. To make the best merino wool fabric, the merino wool fabric manufacturers normally choose the fiber specs from 15.5um to 20.5um wool fiber to make the merino wool clothing. Merinotex choose different merino fiber model to make different weight merino fabric. For example, they could use the 15.5micron wool fiber to make the 150gsm baby merino wool fabrics. And they could use 16.5 micron or 17.5 micron to make the merino base layer fabric or other merino underwear.  And the merino wool fabric manufactures could also make the high weight merino wool rib fabric or merino wool interlock fabric in double knitting structure with 19.5 micron.  19.5 micron wool fiber is good to make merino middle layer clothing as well.

merino wool fabric manufacturer

merino wool terry fabric

As an experienced merino wool fabric manufacturer, Merintex has its own yarn spinning workshop and kniting machine workshops. Merinotex could custom make the right merino wool fabric you want. They are one of the qualified merino wool fabric manufacturers for you in China. They create various types of merino fabrics for selling, including merino jersey fabric,wool interlock fabric, and wool rib fabric. And they could also make the merino wool blend fabrics such as merino polyester blend, merino cotton-linen blend, merino wool acrylic mix and etc.

merino wool fabric manufacturers

merino wool fabric manufacturer



Merino fabric suppliers.

Besides being a merino fabric manufacturer, Merinotex is one of the best merino wool fabric suppliers in China as well. According to the wool fabric structure, Merinotex supplies merino wool single jersey fabric, merino wool rib fabric, merino wool interlock fabric and other kniting structure fabrics. According to the weight, Merinotex have 150gsm, 190gsm,200gsm, 240gsm and etc. According to the wool content, The merino wool fabric supplier could provide 100 pure mreino wool fabric, merino tencel blend, merino nylon blend, merino polyester blend, merino bamboo blend and etc. Merinotex is famous for its excellent quality merino jersey fabric.

merino wool suppliers

merino wool supplier


As one of the best merino wool fabric suppliers, Merintex supplies the best merino wool jersey fabric for customer to make their merino wool jersey. Merinotex supplies different quality  Wool Jersey fabric and could make the merino knitting wool as you need. The merino fabric suppliers’200gsm weight and 150gsm merino fabric is always the most popular in the market in spring and autumn. The merino wool fabric suppliers supply  merino fabric in stock with over ten colors/quality. If you do need a color card, Just ask them to send you color card for reference. Since more and more clients need the merino wool fabric stretch well, Merinotex also supplies the strech merino wool fabric as well. Merinotex’s merino wool spandex fabric is really of good quality. And if you need see samples,You can ask the merino wool fabric suppliers to send you a set of sample cutting swatches for your reference. And most of the merino wool supplier’s fabrics are washable.


merino wool rib fabric

wool rib fabric

As a professional merino wool fabric supplier, Merinotex provides merino wool fabric wholesale service as well. Just contact them for the fabrics you want, they will tell you the price,payment and shipping info.  And if you want to do merino wool whosale in your country, then Merinotex is one of the most suitable merino wool fabric suppliers for you. You can sell all fabric collections they have in stock.

merino wool rib fabric-2

wool rib fabric-2

Besides merino wool fabric wholesale service, if you want to buy the merino wool yard, just contact the merino wool fabric supplier by email as well. Merinotex provides fabric retailing service as well. You could buy the merino wool fabric by the yard from them. Anyway, if you like merino wool fabric and merino wool clothing, just contact this merino wool fabric supplier,you will feel happy  through working with them.

merino wool fabric suppliers

merino wool fabrics warehouse

    Merino wool manufacturers

As an professional merino wool fabric manufacturer, Merinotex has all well proformed wool jersey fabric production facilities and euipments.

merino wool fabric suppliers china

merino fabric kniting workshop

Merino wool fabric finishing workship is professional as well.

merino wool fabric finishing workshop

fabric finishing workshop

And fabric drying workshop as well.


merino wool fabric manufacturing

knit fabric drying workshop


merino fabric manufacturers

merino fabric drying workshop-2

And we have enough merino wool fabric storage warehouse to guarrantee the production ability for busy season.

merino wool fabric workshop

merino fabric packing workshop


merino wool fabric warehouse

merino fabric storage


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