Best merino wool raw material choosed almong the Merino wool fabric manufacturers.

An ever increasing number of individuals are catching wind of the significance of wearing merino wool fabrics for hiking and climbing. Merino wool fabric is in quite big demand for the the merino wool clothing market grows. As one of the best merino wool fabric manufacturers, Merinotex use the best merino wool raw material for their merino clothings. All the merino wool raw material is imported from Australia and Newzealand farm where the best merino sheep lives.

merino factory

merino factory

All Merino wool fabrics originates from the Merino sheep of Australia and Newzealand. These sheep are raised carefully for their excellent merino wool. The merino wool fabric manufacturers produce the gentlest merin wool fabrics whose fine quality beats most other engineered wool fabrics which not from Australia and Neazland. Merinotex’s merino wool fabrics are widely utilized for athletic wears and outdoor sport wears now due to the best merino wool fiber quality.

merino wool fabric factory

merino wool top

One of the famous merino wool dress brand is Icebreaker. Merinotex is a designated merino wool fabric manufacturer for Icebreaker. Each season, Most of Icebreaker’s merino wool clothing are 100% merino wool. And Icebreaker has a strict merino wool fabric quality requirement. All the merino wool fiber material must be from Australia farms. Merinotex has been choosed as one of their designated merino wool fabric manufacturers due to the best merino wool raw material reason.

merino clothing manufacturers

icebreaker merino clothing

   Professional merino wool fabric making technology.

As one of the professional merino wool fabric manufacturers, Merinotex has gained a lot of professional merino wool fabric creating technology. Mertinotex could make merino wool jersey fabric, merino interlock fabric, merino rib fabric, merino wool fleece fabric,merino wool net fabric, merino wool printed fabric and etc. Merinotex could make different weights of merino wool fabric that clients need such as 150gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm and etc.

merino fabric manufacturers

merino wool fabrics

As a professional merino wool fabric manufacturer, Merinotex could custom make the merino wool fabric specs as per client required. Different outdoor brands need different merino wool clothing proformance. And Merinotex could custom make the merino wool fabric with client needed proformance function ability.

merino wool fabric manufacturers

merino wool fabric-1

Merino wool fabrics is exceptionally lightweight and works admirably of wicking ceaselessly dampness which is the reason it is so famous for athletic wear and especially for climbing wears. Merinotex R & D team has strong experience in developping the functional merino wool fabrics. merino wool fabric manufacturer

merino wool fabricsBesides the 100% merino wool fabric, Merinotex also makes their fabric with wool blended material.The merino wool fabric could be made with other functional fibers such as Coolmax, bamboo, Tencel, cotton, Nylon, Spandex and etc  to achieve the fabric functional features. Many customers want to use cheap merino blend fabric so 50% wool/50%polyester merino woolen fabric is also become popular.

merino wool fabrics

wool polyester fabric

    Advanced merino wool fabric factory workshop.

To make the merino wool fabric in perfect quality, Merinotex had established a professional merino wool fabric factory workshop which specially making the merino wool fabrics. As one of the professional merino wool fabric manufacturers, Merinotex has equipped with all necessory merino wool yarn spinning workshop, merino wool fabric knitting machine workshop, wool yarn dyeing workshop, merino wool fabric dyeing workshop, merino fabric finish workshop,merino wool fabric washing workshop and etc. Merinotex has its own Merino fabric Lab Testing department and team.

merino wool fabric manufacturers

merino wool fabric knitting machine

merino wool fabric manufacturer

merino wool fabric factory

Merinotex has all kinds of merino wool knitting machines which covers different merino wool fabric specs requirements. Merinotex has wool rib knitting machine, wool interlock knitting machine, wool jersey knitting machine as well as wool knit machines with spandex funcitonal stystems.Below is the merino wool fabric sample quality photo, from which you can see the merino wool fabric quality effect that Merinotex’s wool knit machine makes.

merino wool suppliers

merino wool fabric-5

The Astounding Presentation of Merino Wool fabric that Merinotex made.

merino wool fabric suppliers

merino wool fabric-6

Besides the wool knitting machines, Merinotex also has professional yarn spinning machines which could spin the yarn from 5nm to 100nm. All kinds of merino wool fibers or merino wool blend fibers could be spun into the right spec merino wool yarns to make the corresponding merino wool fabrics that customer required. This professional merino wool fabric manufacturer also has the advanced merino wool fabric dyeing machines and washing machines which could make sure all the merino wool fabric come out in the correct spec that clients required.Below is photo of Merinotex’s fabric finishing working shop which you could see clear how the merino wool fabric is washed.

merino wool fabric manufacturers-4

merino wool fabric wash

Besides the fabric washing equipments,  other advanced wool fabric finishing machines are also required to make sure the merino wool fabrics coming out in the right fabric width and fabric shrinkage rate. Below is the Merinotex’s workshop for merino wool fabric drying and finishing.

merino fabric factory

merino wool fabric finishing

After the merino wool fabric bulk order washed and finished in the right width, each roll of the merino wool fabric will be passed through the quality checking process before packing. Only the merino fabric rolls’ quality which passed the QC process can be packed. Quality inspection process is very important to guarrantee the correct quality of client’s fabric orders.

merino wool manufacturer

merino fabric quality check

For the above 3 reasons, Merinotex could be recommended as a reliable merino wool fabric manufacturer choice for clients who need to make merino wool fabrics orders.

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