Merino Clothing manufacturers Brands.

Merino wool, as the name suggests, is derived from Merino sheep. It has been a prevalent choice for many  merino  wool clothing manufacturers because of its most fantastic selling point: the thinner and softer characteristics than conventional wool.

If you are up to wear something next to your skin, then the merino wool is your stuff.

Merino wool is a top choice for those who love to get outside and explore the world. Each fiber of merino wool can circulate the air in the wearer, regulate the body temperature, repel the odors risks, as well as transfer the sweat quickly to vapor so that you won’t smell bad when wearing the clothing.

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The best Merino Clothing manufacturers Brands

Along with the rising trend of Merino wool, many brands are willing to compete in this niche. They come up with various lines of merino wool products. But you will notice the differences from them in terms of their product variations, qualities, focuses, and so on.

There is no one-size-fits-for-all. Especially for the merino wool products, you will find a wide array of choices in the market. Some products are 100% merino, but some might be blends of different types of woods along with merino wool.

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The pure 100% merino wool clothing tends to be more expensive than blended wool clothing. And when you are browsing online, there are some merino clothing manufacturers brands that you can find on the net. But let’s save your time and effort for researching and take a look at our recommendations below.


Patagonia comes with a high-quality line of merino wool products. It will be easy to find the best wool clothing from this brand. They provide high-quality wool which is derived from the wool sources treated with courtesy and high responsibility. Some items are a mixture of wool and polyester. Their basics are awesome enough to check.

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Wool & demographic customer base is for women. It comes with abundant choices of fashion pieces that you can wear for various occasions and events. Its wearable dress will just be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. If you need to add more collections of travel dresses, then this brand can offer you great options.


It is the merino wool brand which is pretty much affordable. Unlike the other products which compromise the quality for the sake of a cheap price tag, Minus33 keeps the quality high. It is known for its socks, underwear, and many other merino wool accessories.
Minus33 is also sturdy, long-lasting, and fashionable. It is relevant for most modern folks.

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Wool and Prince

The Wool and Prince offers top-notch quality merino wool travel clothes. This brand is relevant for both male and female consumers. However, it emphasizes more collections for male consumers. Wool and Prince is completely different from other brands. While most brands focus on outdoor experience, this brand focuses on daily usages and corporate occasions. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to see formal creations such as dress shirts, chinos, blazers, etc.

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If you need more types of merino wool clothing, this brand is for you. Civic is best known for its fantastic collections of tops, pants, t-shirts, socks, and boxers. Its demographic users are men. the clothes look cool when you wear them while doing your Wfavorite outdoor activities out there. The merino wool clothes they produced are breathable and comfortable.


Woolly is one of the top merino clothing manufacturers brand popularly known for women and men. This brand focuses on producing jackets, bottoms, tops, socks, as well as underwear.

Woolly is also popular because of its more affordable clothing prices tag. If you are tight on budget, consider reserving this brand. You won’t regret checking its lines of products. Most of the cost of the top item below 100 dollars.

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SmartWool is one of the most renowned merino wool travel clothes for both men and women. This brand is popularly known for its base layers, although it also produces other types of clothing such as tops, underwear, and socks. The quick-dry and breathable base layers of SmartWool have been recommended by many fashion reviewers across the globe. Most of their latest line consists of 50% recycled merino wool, which makes the products also affordable to choose from.

Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop is best known for its t-shirts made from merino wool. They have many unisex designs of t-shirts which are fashionable to wear by all folks. However, it is more popular for male consumers because they have made a great line for female travelers. Besides the t-shirts as its most selling point, you can also see other pieces types from their gallery such as shorts, tops, jackets, as well as pants.

Darn Tough

Darn Tough is a relevant brand for travelers. It has a great series of products that can make their folks readier to get outside and explore. Although it comes with some products, the most selling point of this brand is their merino wool socks. With four decades of professional experience, you will see that the quality of the socks is mature and relevant.


Buff comes with tons of fantastic merino wool products. Buff has been a popular choice because of its versatile head wearing. And when it comes to versatility, you should be surprised that Buff’s most selling point is their one-piece product. These one-piece products can be used for face cover, hijab, scarf, hat, slayer, and so on.

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Western Rise

Western Rise is a Colorado-based company that focus-shirts-shirts, long-sleeves, and wool tops. It has been a popular brand in the world because it has lines of products that come with durability and fashion statement. If you like to go out there without getting sweat easily, consider choosing this brand to get you the best merino tops and shirts.


Icebreaker top-notch notch choices for male and female travelers. It offers a wide array of models of the socks and base layers. The top fans of the brand are fond of the high-quality base layers which are durable and long-lasting. Their socks are also great for outdoor, adventure, and many other purposes.

There you have them! Which one is your favorite merino clothing manufacturers brand? Let us know in the comment box below.

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