Merino wool clothing manufacturers.

If you search on for merino wool manufacturers,you will get a lot messages. But it is hard to know which message is valuable for you. Merinotex is a professional merino wool manufacturer who specialized in Merino Wool knits &  jersey in China.  Merinotex’s main products include 100% merino wool knitted underwear(made from the imported high micron Australian natural Merino virgin wool) ,wool  running garments and  merino jersey, woolen shirts,wool scarves, wool gloves and wool socks etc.

merino wool base layer manufacturers

merino wool base layer

Merinotex also supply all kinds of merino wool fabric,merino jersey fabric,merino rib fabric,wool interlock fabric and etc. And they now also developped the merino fabrics with digital printing designs as well.As one of the best merino wool T-shirt manufacturers in China, Merinotex is good at making merino wool sweaters,merino wool base layers, merino T-shirt and etc for many fashion brands as well.

merino wool manufacturer

merino wool sweater

Of course,the merino wool base layer manufacturer could also custom make the designs according to client need. We believe that we could make almost  all of the merino wool clothing include merino socks, merino headwear, merino wool T-thirt, merino wool base layer and etc. Clients are satisfied with with our quality job.  Good workmanship quality and on time delivery is guaranteed from this merino wool clothing manufacturer. As a professional merino wool T-shirt manufacturer, Merinotex could make thousands of merino base layers or T-shirts a day. They have their own R&S team for merino wool clothing styles each year. Merinotex is one of the best merino wool clothing manufacturers for many outdoor sport brands in the world.

merino clothing manufacturer

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       Merino clothing manufacturers

Merino clothing especially merino base layer are now more and more popular for people like outdoor sports. Smartwool and Icebreaker develop and sells very good quality merino base layer which is good for running, hiking, riding and etc. Merinotex is one of the professional merino clothing manufacturers who could make the merino wool jersey for those outdoor brands for their merino clothing collections.
merino wool base layer manufacturer

merino wool base layer clothing

Merinotex’s merino fabric contents various from 100% merino wool,85% wool/15 nylon, 50%w00l/50polyester, to 30% merino wool/70 polyester. All the merino wool yarn are worsted with the best merino wool fiber. The specs of the merino wool fiber Merinotex normally use is from 17.5 micron to 20.5 micron. And the merino wool clothing manufacturer mainly use 17.5 micron to make baby merino clothing or base layer clothing. Because the smaller the fiber, the softer touching feeling people will get. Merino wool clothing is famous for its heat and moisture absorbing properties.It could leaky the sweat out in good function when the wearer is doing sport activities. Merino wool fabric could strech well for keeping the shape good. And the most advantage of the Merino wool clothing is that it is antibacterial and kill odour.
merino clothing manufacturers

merino wool tops

          Common questions on how to place the orders with Merinotex.

   Ask : Is Merinotex a merino clothing manufacturer or merino fabric manufacturer?
  Answer: Merinotex is a merino wool clothing manufacturer who make merino wool base layer and merino wool fabric both. We are one of the most professional merino wool clothing manufacturers who have hundreds of workers skilled in making merino wool jersey, merino wool shirt, merino wool underwear and etc.
merino wool t-shirt manufacturers

merino wool t-shirt manufacturers

  Ask: What is the lead time for the merino wool thermals order?
 Answer: The merino wool thermal manufacturers normally require around 7 days to make the Color lab dips. And the bulk merino wool thermal order production time is around 40 working days after bulk order sample confirmed
merino wool thermal manufacturers

merino wool thermals

 ASK: What is the MOQ for merino wool thermal order?
 Answer:MOQ is 500 pcs per style, and if you do less quanitity than the MOQ, just check with the merino wool thermal manufacturer for a mutual understanding solution.
merino clothing manufacturer

merino clothing detail

Ask: How to start the order process with the merino wool clothing manufacturers?
Answer: First you give us your sample design, and tell us what merino fabric material you need to use for your order.We will give you a price quote. Once you approved the quote, we could arrange sample production for you and send you the sample for your approval. After you approved the sample quality, you could place us the order with us. We will make invoice and contract to you to start the order production. Client could send us their merino wool clothing tech details as below and
we could check the wool clothing details first and then give a price quote. Once client approved the price quote. The merino clothing manufacturer could arrange sample prototype  making. Then with the further sample modification opinion, the merino clothing manufacturer could make another sample for bulk order approved quality. After the client placed the order, the merino wool clothing manufacturer will do the production exactly as per the quality standard of bulk order quality approved sample.  For safety, we will send you a sample from the bulk order before shipping to clients to make sure the bulk order quality is same as approved sample.
merino wool manufacturers

merino clothing tech design

 Ask: Custom logo on merino wool underwear is ok with the merino wool underwear manufacturers?
 Answer:  Yes sure, Merino wool underwear manufacturer can do custom logo jobs as per clients required.
merino wool underwear manufacturers

merino wool underwear

 Ask: How is the packing from the merino wool clothing manufacturers?
 Answer: Each piece into polybag or printed box and then pack into master carton for safety export.
merino wool shirt manufacturers

merino wool shirt packing

           Merino wool fabric suppliers.

Merinotex also provides merino wool clothing wholesale service.If you plan to import some merino wool clothing or merino wool jersey for wholesale, just contact Merinotex. They are one of the best merino wool fabric suppliers for you, and you will never find a merino wool supplier as professional as them. Merinotex makes the merino wool yarn and merino wool fabric themselves. They could develop any merino wool fabric as clients need. They could make 100% merino wool fabric and they also could make wool blends like 50% merino/50%polyester  or 30%merino/70 polyester and etc. They are the best merino wool fabric supplier. Merinotex keeps various colors merino wool fabrics in stock which could guarrantee your merino clothing sample making job to be done in short time. They could do the jaquard wool fabric, plain woo fabric and printed merino wool fabric as well. Anyway Merinotex is one of the best merino wool fabric suppliers in China could custom your merino fabrics as per your requirements.
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          Merinotex’s work shop.
Merinotex has over 100 skilled merino wool clothing manufacturing workers. Professional underwear making machines and stitching machines are all equipped. Merinotex could make over 200000 merino wool underwear a month in good quality. Many outdoor brands place their merino wool base layer orders with Merinotex. Merinotex has the strict quality control system and procedure through all clothing making process. With the experienced skilled workers, this merino wool base layer manufacturer could make out the best quality merino clothing  as you can expect.
merino wool clothing manufacturers

merino wool clothing details

As one of the most experienced merino wool base layer manufacturers in China,Merinotex has all necessory clothing accessories for outdoor clothing. We have mesh fabric,nylon fabric and other fabric you need.

merino clothing manufacturers

merino wool factory

And we could custom make your logo label, hangtag, wash label and zippers as  per your required as well.Just sell us your tech info, we will follow your manufacturing instructions exactly to make sample and do the bulk order productions for you.

merino wool clothing manufacturers

merino clothing zipper

Merinotex company is located in Zhangjiagang City,Suzhou,China which is one hour distance by drive to pudong airport. And there is direct high speed train from Shanghai to our city as well. Our city is famous for the merino wool industry and is one of the biggest merino wool textile base in China. 60% merino wool raw material of Australia or New zealand is imported into our city every year. Merinotex is one of the most professional merino wool underwear manufacturers for you in China. We are looking a long term business relationship with you with our best quality and price.

merino clothing manufacturers

merino clothing working shop



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