Merino wool clothing manufacturers with strong wool technology.

If you search merino wool clothing manufacturers on the website https:// or, you will find a lot of merino wool factory which provide merino wool clothing making jobs. But it is hard for you to know which merino wool clothing manufacturer is the professional one. Merinotex is a professional merino wool manufacturer who has been specialized in Merino Wool knits &  jersey manufacturing industry in China for over 2o years.  Merinotex’s main productlines include 100% merino wool underwear, merino wool base layer,merino wool  running garments and  merino wool jersey sery. Besides those, Merinotex also makes woolen shirts,wool scarves, wool gloves and wool socks etc. All styles of merino wool clothing could made by Merinotex. All functional merino clothing could also be custom made with Merinotex. Merinotex invest a lot in Merino clothing tech developping and innovative technology equippment facilities. Strong merino technology is the key strength of Merinotex.


merino wool base layer manufacturers

merino wool base layer

As one of the contracted military merino wool clothing manufacturers, Merinotex makes a lot of camouflage merino wool clothing like attached every year for military army of different countries.  The merino wool hoodies could be digital printed with camouflage designs. Merinotex is the first merino wool clothing manufacturer who already developped the merino wool thermas for diving sports.

merino wool clothing factory

printed merino wool clothing

As one of the professional merino wool clothing manufacturers in China, Merinotex is good at making merino wool sweaters of different weights as well.

merino wool manufacturer

Of course, the merino wool base layer manufacturer could also custom make the merino clothing designs according to the client need. Merinotex could make almost  all kinds  of the merino wool clothing for mens and women.And they are good at  merino baby clothing as well. Merino wool accessories such as merino wool headwear, merino scarves,merino socks and merino gloves are all could be done with Merinotex.  All clients are satisfied with with Merinotex professional work.

merino wool clothing manufacturers

merino wool clothing manufacturers-3

Good workmanship quality and on time delivery is guaranteed from this merino wool clothing manufacturer. As one of the  professional merino wool thermal manufacturers, Merinotex could make thousands of merino base layers or T-shirts per day in different styles. They have their own R&S team for merino wool clothing styles each year. Strong technology in wool clothing has helped Merinotex  growing into one of the largest professional merino wool clothing manufacturers for many outdoor sport brands in the world.

merino clothing manufacturer

merino clothing manufacturer-2

       Merino clothing manufacturer with best merino wool material

       To make the high quality Merino wool clothing, Merinotex choosed the best merino wool fiber raw material in the world. All the merino wool material that Merinotex used is from Australia. As we know Australia has the best farm condition for merino sheep living in. The merino wool fiber from Australia is the best and finest grade of the wool fiber standard. As a big merino wool clothing manufacturer, Merinotex import thousands tons of merino wool fiber material from Australia every year. The merino wool fiber raw materials they imports covers various of fiber specs. Most of them is from 16.5 um to 22.5um. The best wool fiber raw material orgin guarantees that all the merino wool clothing made by Merinotex to be of high quality standard. That is the important reason for for many clients choosing Merinotex as their merino wool clothing manufacture partner too.
merino wool fiber orgin

merino wool fiber origin

      Besides the strict merino wool fiber raw material origin, all merino wool fiber that Merinotex used could be tracable and tracked that the wool material is from which Australia farm. All the wool fibers from Merinotex meets the Responsible Wool Standard that is what we call RWS certified. As one of the professional merino wool clothing manufacturers in China, Merinotex has the RWS certificate for its merino wool yarns,wool fabrics and wool clothings.
RWS certificate


           Merino clothing especially merino wool base layer are now more and more popular for outdoor sports.   Smartwool and Icebreaker develops and sells very good quality merino base layer which is good for running, hiking, riding and etc. Merinotex has become one of the most experienced merino clothing manufacturers who are good at making the merino wool jersey for those outdoor brands. And Merinotex also keeps a lot of the stock of various kinds of merino wool fabric,merino jersey fabric,merino rib fabric,wool interlock fabric and etc. So if client need to make sample clothing urgently, Merinotex could use the ready stock merino wool fabric to make the samples in quick time.
merino wool base layer manufacturer

merino wool base layer clothing

      Merinotex’s merino fabric contents various from 100% merino wool,85% wool/15 nylon, 50%w00l/50polyester, to 30% merino wool/70 polyester. All the merino wool yarn are worsted with the best merino wool fiber. The specs of the merino wool fiber  which Merinotex normally use is from 17.5 micron to 20.5 micron. And the merino wool clothing manufacturers mainly use 17.5 micron to make baby merino clothing or merino underwears. Because the smaller the fiber is, the softer  hand touching feeling people will get. Clients could choose the right spec merino wool fabric for their merino clothing lines. Merinotex is a ideal merino wool clothing manufacturer partner for you.They provide the most complete specs of merino fabric collections for your choice.
merino clothing manufacturers

merino wool tops


       Easy order placing procedure with Merinotex.

Normal Questions on how to place the merino wool clothing orders with Merinotex.

     Ask : Is Merinotex a merino clothing manufacturer or merino fabric manufacturer?
     Answer: Merinotex is a merino wool clothing manufacturer who make merino wool base layer and merino wool fabric both. We are one of the most professional merino wool clothing manufacturers who have hundreds of workers skilled in making merino wool jersey, merino wool shirt, merino wool underwear and etc.
merino wool t-shirt manufacturers

merino wool t-shirt manufacturers

      Ask: What is the lead time for the merino wool thermals order?
      Answer: The merino wool thermal manufacturers normally require around 7 days to make the Color lab dips. And the bulk merino wool thermal order production time is around 40 working days after bulk order sample confirmed
merino wool thermal manufacturers

merino wool thermals

        ASK: What is the MOQ for merino wool thermal order?
       Answer:MOQ is 500 pcs per style, and if you do less quanitity than the MOQ, just check with the merino wool thermal manufacturer for a mutual understanding solution.
merino clothing manufacturer

merino clothing detail

          Ask: How to start the order process with the merino wool clothing manufacturers?
         Answer: First you give us your merino wool thermal sample design, and tell us what spec of merino fabric material you need to use for your productline. We will give you a price quote. Once you approved the quote, we could arrange sample production for you and send you the sample for your approval. After you approved the sample quality, you could place us the order with us. We will make invoice and contract to you to start the order production. Client could send us their merino wool clothing tech details as below photos. Merinotex will check the wool clothing tech details first and then work out a price quote for clients. Once client approved their price quote,the merino clothing manufacturer will start to arrange sample prototype  making. If first sample quality not good, followed by the further sample modification advice from clients, the merino clothing manufacturer could make another sample for client approval. Only after the sample approved, Merinotex can start the bulk order production. After clients placed the order formally, the merino wool clothing manufacturer will do the bulk production exactly the same quality standard as approved sample quality.  For safety, we will send you a sample from the bulk order before shipping to clients to make sure the bulk order quality is the same as previously approved sample.
merino wool manufacturers

merino clothing tech design

         Ask: Custom logo is ok with the merino wool underwear manufacturers?
        Answer:  Yes sure,  The Merino wool underwear manufacturer can do custom logo jobs as per clients required.
merino wool underwear manufacturers

merino wool underwear

Ask: Can Merinotex make the merino wool hats & beanies?

Answer:  Yes, sure, as a professional merino wool clothing factory, Merinotex could custom make the merino wool hats and beanies for clients. Any merino wool content proportion could be custom made with Merinotex.

merino beanie manufacturer

merino beanie

            Ask: How is the packing from the merino wool clothing manufacturers?
            Answer: Each piece merino wool clothing will be put into polybag or printed box and then packed into master carton for safety export.
merino wool shirt manufacturers

merino wool shirt packing

             Merino wool clothing suppliers.

        Merinotex also provides merino wool clothing wholesale service as well. If you plan to import some merino wool clothing or merino wool jersey for wholesale, just contact Merinotex. They are one of the best merino wool clothing suppliers for you. You will never find a merino wool supplier as professional as them.  Merinotex keeps various colors merino wool clothing in stock which could guarrantee your merino clothing sample available always. They could do the jaquard wool design, plain woo design and printed merino wool design as well. In all words, Merinotex is one of the best merino wool clothing suppliers in China who could wholesale merino clothing in various color and styles.
merino wool thermal manufacturers-1

merino clothing detail-2


          Merinotex’s qualified work shop.

Merinotex has over 100 skilled merino wool clothing manufacturing workers. Advanced underwear making machines and stitching machines are all equiped. Merinotex could make over 200000 merino wool underwear a month in good quality. Many outdoor brands place their merino wool base layer orders with Merinotex. Merinotex has the strict quality control system and procedure through all clothing making process. With the experienced skilled workers, this merino wool base layer manufacturer could work out the best quality merino clothing  as you can expect. Meriontex’s workshop has been audited each year for production ability assessment by the branded production system institutes.

merino wool clothing factory

Factory audited certificate

As one of the most experienced merino wool base layer manufacturers in China, Merinotex has all necessory clothing accessories for outdoor clothing as well. All mesh fabric,nylon fabric and other fabrics which clients need all are available.

merino clothing manufacturers

merino wool factory

And  Merinotex could custom make your logo label, hangtag, wash label and zippers as per clients required as well. Just provide your merino clothing tech info to us, Merinotex will follow your tech instructions exactly the same to make the merino wool clothing sample and do the bulk merino clothing production for you.

merino wool clothing manufacturers

merino clothing zipper

Anyway,Merinotex is a one of the most experienced merino wool clothing manufacturers in China. They could make all kinds of merino wool clothing such as merino wool base layer, merino wool underwear, merino wool T-shirt, merino wool polo shirt,merino hiking clothing, merino wool socks, merino wool beanies, and merino wool shoes even. If  clients need to make merino wool clothing line, Merinotex is the best merino wool clothing manufacturer parnter for them.

merino wool clothing manufacturers

merino wool clothing

Merinotex company locates in Zhangjiagang City,Suzhou,China which is only one hour distance by drive to Shanghai airport. And there is direct high speed trains from Shanghai to our city as well. Our city is famous for the merino wool  industry and is one of the biggest merino wool textile base town in China. 60% merino wool raw material of Australia and New zealand are imported into our city every year. Merinotex is one of the most professional merino wool thermal manufacturers in China. We are looking at a long term business relationship with clients all over the world with our best quality,price and service.

merino clothing manufacturers

merino clothing working shop



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